Non-discriminating access for Digital Inclusion (DigI)

  • Target Location Tanzania

Project Description

The Non-discriminating access for Digital Inclusion (DigI) project is a three year project, running from 2017 - 2020 with the main objective to establish pilots for the InfoInternet access in DRC Congo and Tanzania. The project was founded by the Research Council of Norway as part of the Visjon2030 portfolje[1]. R&I work related to the pilots will prove business profitability for commercial establishment of the InfoInternet as an independent and self-sustainable ICT and communication infrastructure for digital inclusion. Internet access is a universal issue and of major concern to many policy makers and governments. Free access to information presents the basis for a scalable solution of digital access for everyone in the society.

Why Tanzania

Through our activities in Africa we believe in the following Strategy for Digital Inclusion and Societal Empowerment. In short: Health challenges as e.g. the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTD) are strongly linked to neglected people. In addition, People with NTD can’t become productive members of the society, thus will have low added value to the society and suffer from low productivity Bad healthcare system pushes people into poverty. The lack of basic information, being part of the health ecosystem, has significant consequences both for decreased life expectance and increased mortality. Education & Health are linked, typically the younger generation, and female members of the society are the ones suffering most. Thus our recommendation is to address health information by Building the ecosystem for societal and digital inclusion. Our contribution to this general goal is the focus on information, and especially the free access to information for all. The following components are essential parts of a holistic approach: Solar and other renewable energy, light, the mobile ecosystem for digital access, and free access for information for those not part of the digital society.

Organisation Basic Internet Foundation
Project Cost 1000000 Funded By funded-from-out

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Project Contact Person

Dr. Danica Radovanovic

Digital Inclusion advisor, Basic Internet Foundation