Mkaa Endelevu

  • Target Location Production: Mafinga, Iringa

Project Description

Mkaa Endelevu is the largest sustainable produce of charcoal in Tanzania. We convert commercial forestry waste from the Mufindi/Sao Hill plantations into sustainable high quality charcoal briquettes for domestic consumption. We employ over 30 people, produce 10 tons a day and are trying to scale our project to 2000 tons a month over the next 18 months.

Why Tanzania

Current deforestation and land degradation associated wit the illegal charcoal trade in Tanzania is having devastating effects on the country. If sustainable alternatives are not enforced, forest cover will diminish over the coming years effecting rainfall, biodiversity and risking the lives and economy of the country.

Organisation Tractors Ltd - Mkaa Endelevu Project
Project Cost 750000 Funded By self-funded

SDGs Covered

Project's Impact



Project In Action

Project Contact Person

Benjamin Lane

Sales & Marketing Director, Tractors Ltd - Mkaa Endelevu Project