• Target Location Dar es Salaam & Coastal Region

Project Description

Uwezo Award Project is an initiative run in Secondary Schools in Tanzania, aiming at capacitating them enterpreneurship skills at a tender age so that, when they go out of learning institutions, they can fight the highest level of unemployment they face. The project was initiated in 2016, and since then it has reached 270,000 students directly and indirectly. The program is run as a game for students to design and implement enterpreneurial Community Change Projects. Outstanding Projects are awarded and students get a chance of mentorship and coaching. Uwezo is a Swahili word standing for Capacity/Potential/ability

Why Tanzania

Tanzania has around 4M students in Secondary schools. And around 1M students graduate every year from learning institutions and end up on the streets. Only 50,000 of these secure employment in formal sector. But the rest end up on the street employing themselves as they find opportunity. Unfortunately, most of these never had a chance of learning about enterpreneurship at school, hence their transition faces a lot of hurdles. Through UWEZO awarD PROJECT, Great Hope Foundation is collaborating with the government, to improve education ( SDGs Goal 4) that students coming from these learning institutions can transition easily, into the labor market with either self employment or any other form of employment

Organisation Great Hope Foundation
Project Cost 100000 Funded By funded-from-out

SDGs Covered

Project's Impact


Number of students reached


Number of Secondary schools reached


7 Municipality of Dar es Salaam

Project In Action

Project Contact Person

Noelle Mahuvi

Country Director, Great Hope Foundation