Cassava Value Addition Coaching

  • Target Location Pwani, Lindi, Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Kigoma, Kagera and Mwanza

Project Description

The Cassava Value Addition Training is two a days-interactive and practical workshop for potential cassava farmers, processors and other stakeholders with experts in cassava cultivation, processing, cassava seed preparation, investment, modern technology and marketing to comprehend vast opportunities available in cassava value chain. The aim of the workshop is to create awareness to the community how people may benefit from cassava value chain investment in order to transform cassava from staple crop into cash crop using available resources. At the end cassava stakeholders (cassava farmers, processors, seeds producers, traders and other stakeholders. Two batches conducted per month with 20-30 participants each batch, on 2019 more than 240 benefited with the workshop. On 2020 it our high expectation to reach more than 2,000 cassava stakeholders in United Republic of Tanzania.

Why Tanzania

The survey shows that, one hectare of planted cassava can yield more than 16-40 metric ton of cassava roots when grown by adherence modern and good cultivation practices. However, cassava can be processed using simple and cheaper to modern and complex technology to produce more than 120 cassava delivered products. However, the records shows that home market for cassava roots in Tanzania depend on the fresh consumption as food, which in turn does not accommodate the production capacity of cassava farmers as the results more than 80% of cassava rotten and thrown away. Worse enough there is lack of cassava value addition initiatives due limited quality and relevant information and knowledge for cassava cultivation, processing, marketing and opportunities available on cassava value chain. Thereof, there is necessity of capacitating cassava farmers, processors and other stakeholders to grasp different opportunities on cassava value chain.

Organisation JV Biotech Enterprises Company Limited
Project Cost 36500 Funded By self-funded

SDGs Covered

Project's Impact


Cassava local farmers and processors reached


Cassava Value Addition books distributed

Project In Action

Project Contact Person

Jacob Tito

Managing Director, JV Biotech Enterprises Company Limited